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10 Skin Care Guidelines

One of the best ways to fight aging is by taking good care of your skin. Dermatologists say that there are a number of different things that can be done to ensure that your entire body – including your facial skin – is healthy and in the best possible shape. You’ll both look and feel younger when you follow these skin care guidelines!

  1. Stay hydrated. Drinking water not only helps to replace the moisture that your body loses throughout the day, but is also helps keep your facial skin clear and well-hydrated. If you don’t get enough fluids, your entire body will dehydrate and your facial skin will make you look older than you are.
  2. Remain positive. Having a good outlook on life and thinking happy thoughts are two ways to fight the aging process. Frowning leads to wrinkles, while smiling will make you look younger and much happier. Banish negative thoughts and the bad skin care that goes with them.
  3. Always use sunblock or sun tan lotion. Include it in your daily skin care routine so that you don’t forget to put it on. Nothing is worse on your skin than the sun’s rays. They cause your facial skin to break down, which makes you look older, which many dermatologists will attest to. Plus, too much sun exposure can lead to dark spots, skin cancer, and other problems.
  4. Eat a diet full of antioxidants. Antioxidants can be found in many different foods, including berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. Make sure that these age fighting antioxidants are a part of your diet, and you will feel healthier and look younger.
  5. Give your face a break. You probably don’t even realize it, but you repeat many of the same facial expressions all day, every day. All of this repetition leads to wrinkles and facial problems. Do your best to relax your facial muscles several times a day to give them a break.
  6. Pick a skin care routine and stick to it. Switching up your routine regularly is the worst thing that you can do for your facial skin. Ask Dr. Price about which skin care lotions and cleansers will work best for you, and come up with a regular routine that uses them. Then, stick with it – your skin will thank you! (You can also undergo a number of different dermatology treatments to help your skin regain its health.)
  7. Relax and breathe. Whether you take a yoga class or choose to take five minutes out of your busy day and meditate, a few deep breaths and some time to think will do wonders for your skin. These relaxing moments will decrease your stress levels and improve your mood.   
  8. Eat plenty of vitamin D, or take a supplement. Your body needs the proper dose of vitamin D to stay healthy. While the best source of this vitamin is the sun, it can also be found in a number of different foods and vitamin supplements.
  9. Add some spice to your food. Most people don’t realize the spices like cinnamon, curry and turmeric are very good for you. Use them to add flavor to your food so that you can cut down on the amount of salt that you ingest. According to many dermatologists, salt can dehydrate you and cause your skin to age, so cutting excess salt out of your diet is recommended.
  10. Contact Dr. Price about dermatological anti-aging treatments. If you’ve done all of the above and are still unhappy with the way that your skin looks, it’s time to do something about it! Make an appointment to speak with Dr. Price and ask about what skin care treatments will work best for you.