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Double Chin & Jowls

Two of the most unwelcome signs of aging…

Two of the most unwelcome signs of aging are the sagging cheeks and pouches of hanging fat that form in the lower face of both men and women.

Not only do both of these problems make you look heavier than you really are, but they make you look older as well, since they make it impossible to see your chin and jaw lines.

While proper dieting and exercising are helpful in removing hanging skin and fat from other areas of your body, neither can help you remove the sagging skin that plagues your chin and jaw line. This is why dermatologists recommend a procedure called Ultherapy to those who want to their faces to look younger.

double-chin-dermatologist-jackson-msUltherapy is a skin care treatment that is approved by the FDA. It uses ultrasound technology to stimulate the collagen cells deep within your skin, essentially “waking them up” and making them firm up your skin.

This dermatology treatment will take care of your double chin, jowls, and other problem facial areas, taking years off of your look.

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