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Seven Ways to Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Skin cancer is no laughing matter.  The best thing is that it’s avoidable if you follow a proper skin care regimen. According to a number of leading dermatologists, by avoiding excess sun exposure and protecting your skin, you can greatly lower your chances of getting skin cancer.  Follow these seven tips and you’ll be off to a great start!

  1. Wear sunscreen or sunblock at all times – even on cloudy days.  The best types to wear are both water-resistant and broad-spectrum. Look for those that are at least 15 SPF and protect from UVA and UVB rays. Make sure to apply plenty of it every two hours for maximum protection.
  2. Don’t use tanning beds.  Everyone in the field of dermatology agrees that they should be avoided. If you absolutely must tan, use over the counter tanning lotions or spray tans.
  3. Good skin care starts from within.  Take a Vitamin D supplement or eat a healthy diet that naturally contains this compound.  You need vitamin D in order to stay healthy, and unfortunately, the best source of it is sunlight.  By taking a daily Vitamin D supplement or multi-vitamin with Vitamin D in it, you’ll receive enough of this important nutrient.
  4. Make sure that your kids wear enough sunscreen or sunblock.  It’s never too early to teach them good skin care tips!
  5. If you must be outdoors and in the sun, wear clothing that will protect you.  Darker colors will absorb the sunlight before it gets to your skin.
  6. Avoid the sun as much as possible when it’s at its peak.  This is usually between the hours of 10am and 4pm, but may vary depending on where you live.
  7. Be careful of things that reflect sunlight and make its rays more intense.  Dermatologists include sand, snow and water of all kinds on the list of things that can cause excess sun exposure when you least expect it.